Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Most Dangerous Word is....

I'll get to it in a minute. Think it would be that easy?

Words have power. They have the power to build up and to break down. They can persuade, encourage, and coax. The can paint pictures without any color at all, and make sounds without making noise. Spoken word, written word, mumbled word, shouted word...all kinds of words have expressive power in every form they take.

SO what IS the most dangerous word? I thought you'd never ask.


Yes? What?

Yes. Yes is the most dangerous word. How could that be, you ask? Let me explain it to you. Hopefully my words will do my thoughts justice.

Yes is dangerous because it can make you do something you don't want to do. "Hey girl - want to grab a coffee?" No, I was JUST settling down with my book! "Yeah, sounds great. I'll meet you at Panera in 15 minutes." Now that girl is going to be miserable because she has agreed to do something she does not really want to do. Could she have said no? Yes. But she didn't.

Yes is dangerous because it can get you into trouble. How many times have (some of) you heard this, "Hey - just ONE more drink! I'll buy!" Probably not a good idea..."Sure! If you're buyin' I'm down!" Dumb choice. Now that girl is going to be miserable because she knew better, but agreed to add punishment to her already ailing liver. Could she have said no? Yes. But she didn't.

Now here's my favorite part...

Yes is dangerous when speaking with God. In my opinion (not sure how highly regarded it is...), saying "Yes, Lord" with submission, anticipation and a little bit of anxiousness is a dangerous feeling. Saying "Yes, Lord" is delicious on your lips. Like you did something risky and bold. "Yes, Lord." God can ask you to do things that are out of your normal realm of thinking - I know this first hand. But we are commanded to be obedient - "Yes, Lord" - and trust that His hand will guide us. It is not so much the act of saying yes that makes this dangerous; but rather, saying "Yes, Lord" allows us be dangerous with God. It allows us to be His hands, His feet, His eyes, His ears - all the things He asks us to be.

So today, I say no to coffee (only cause it's late!), and no to that extra drink (the new me doesn't do this anyway), and I recklessly and perilously shout "YES, LORD!" I'll take the consequences.

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