Saturday, November 26, 2011

Letting Go.. .

Hi friends,

In case you didn't know this, I sometimes use this blog to make sense of the thoughts that weave their way into my heart. Sometimes, these thoughts are clear and sharp - like a piece of broken glass. Other times, these thoughts are like cream when you first pour it into a steaming cup of coffee...they make a splash, swirl around at different depths and colors, and then with some encouragement, they blend into the perfect morning (or afternoon... or evening... if you're like me). Blogging usually doesn't happen on a day like today, when my thoughts are foggy at best...but I feel like if I can just write this out, it will form. I feel like my thoughts are in an egg - once I crack the shell, the rest will just ooze out.

So "Letting Go" is tonight's topics. I am convinced you're thinking about letting things go - like past hurts, regrets, hopes, dreams...those types of 'letting go' things, but I'm actually hoping to talk about letting go of whatever holds you back.

I have had three moments of total surrender - of total letting go. They were as exhausting as they were amazing. Completely and totally healing. Completely and totally transcendental. Completely and totally unexpected. Looking back, I can see the hand of God in every single one...but it was never anything I had asked for. It was a gift - a gift SO wholly holy - that I treasure each experience for what it was. It was a shattering of the last pieces of me in order to put me back together a little more complete than I was when I started.

In case you didn't know this, music moves me. Music unlocks things in my heart that I never knew existed. Music heals me, unhinges me, and reminds me. It gives me hope, gives me words where words don't exist, and fills the space in between my heart and the hearts of others. The melody, the lyrics , the push and pull of sounds .. all of that creates movement in my heart and I can't help but respond.

How does this relate to letting go? I'm not sure - but I'm going to try and fumble through it because the words I would use to explain it sound like music in my heart ... THAT in itself is a long story for another day.

I watch a lot of music on YouTube. Video after video of praise song after praise song. It is AMAZING to see how transparent and how complete these artists are when they are singing. It is not performing, but rather it is lifting the name of the Lord to a place where the angels catch it and lift it right to His throne room.. the holiest of holy places. THESE artists have let go. They are not encumbered by the the 15,000 people filling the Melbourne theater. They are not thinking about the next minutes of their song and how to end it and start the new one. They are not hindered by their own feelings of inadequacy...they simply come, worship, invite you to come along with them, and touch the hem of His garment. It's beautiful to see just how far they let go.

So why can't we do that? When the results are that beautiful, then why do we feel inadequate and impeded? Why can't we just let go? I feel like I could let go, but then when I'm just about to, I am stopped. Know who stops me? Me. Why? Because I suddenly feel incommensurate - as though I am damaged, blemished, and flawed. My mind becomes conscious of what my subconscious and the Holy Spirit want to do...and I am suddenly flooded with insecurity and thoughts that require my entire being to turn down. It's kinda like when you have the radio in your car cranked up because it's a beautiful day and you turn the car off without turning the radio down... now it's later in the day and you go to grab a coffee and you turn the car on and spend the next 5 minutes trying to get the ring out of your ears. It's that dramatic.

I don't really know how to solve this - and it is a HUGE source of frustration for me. I'm patiently waiting and fervently praying that I be able to use  myself to be a vessel like those artists are to me. One day, when I'm ready, I'm sure letting go will be as easy as holding on.

~ Love & Light ~

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