Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank You For Being A Friend

Hi friends.

I'm writing with nothing in mind today. My mind is too full to speak on any one specific thing. My hope is that by writing a little of this and a little of that, I will be able to start forming coherent, deep, and full thought... sort of like bleeding the brakes on a car (can you tell I'm married to a mechanic?)

Let's see... where to begin. Somewhere and see where it goes, you say? Ok.

The other day, I was laughing and the sound of it caught me off guard. I laugh often...but for some reason, this laughter sound different - more true, more real, more genuine. Not that I fake laugh, BUT, sometimes you laugh from the orders of your brain. Other times, such as happened the other day, you laugh from the orders of your heart. Apparently, I've been using my brain too much when it comes to laughter because the sound of it sort of surprised me. I know I can't be the only one that has noticed this before...I wondered who was laughing - and then I realized it was me. Again - I laugh often, but sometimes it just comes from a different place.

Speaking of coming from a different place...let's talk friendship, shall we?

I find that I have a few good friends. I know there are at least three people that I could call and at the drop of a hat, those three people would support me, love me, help me, guide me, talk me down, and celebrate with me. It is sincere, genuine, and easy to be with them. Nothing is forced. Boundaries are nonexistent because it is hard to say when one ends and the other begins. I am SO grateful for my friends like this. I try to tell them as often as I can, but I'm afraid it's not often enough. They talk me down from myself, they buy me gifts just because, they take the time to celebrate with me, and they ask me how I'm doing - and take the opportunity to look in my eyes into my heart to see if I'm being truthful in my answer. These friends will never be 'seasonal' ..

BUT what about those seasonal friends?

It's a topic on my heart lately. Everyone's got em'. Those friends that float in and out of our lives 'for a season' and only after they are gone we realize WHY they were put there in the first place. For me, if a friend is going to be seasonal, I'd rather not, thankyouverymuch. Know why? Cause seasonal friends hurt. Seasonal friends celebrate with you if you are celebrating but never are the first ones to throw streamers. Seasonal friends ask how you're doing, and try to look in your eyes to see your heart, but the mirror in their eyes seems to reflect the wall that is always up. Seasonal friends have boundaries and it is easy to tell when one ends and the other begins. While I enjoy the seasons of the year, I do not enjoy how quickly they pass. It's the same with seasonal friendships. Seasonal friendships hurt even if they start out with good intentions.

So what does this all mean?

If you meet someone worth of being called 'friend,' then you should love them as wide and as deep and as openly as you can. Friendships are not to be taken lightly. Friendships are not one way. Friendships are the thread that God uses to stitch love, laughter, hope, and trust into the fabric of our heart. If I call you friend, then this is what I believe. If you call me friend, you already knew everything in this post.

Love & Light

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