Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Expect Expectationless Expectations

Got it? Blog post done.

Just kidding...

I struggle with expectations. Personal expectations. Professional expectations. Expectations for friends, family, acquaintances. Too many expectations for too many different situations. I cut some people more slack than others. I set the bar different for different people. My tendency to set expectations is my Achilles' heel.

A good friend of mine brought to light that it is important to realize that there are expectations that are too high and there are expectations that are unrealistic. A thunderous round of understanding and wonder echoed in my head when I truly understood this. Often, I place unrealistic expectations on myself, and others, and I am constantly disappointed (also in myself and others) in the result. I often do the same with expectations that are too high.

So what does one do when this happens? Does one lower their expectations? If expectations are lowered, what does that say about the person lowering them? That they are OK with accepting less?

So - lowering expectations should be easy right? Is it? No. It's the hardest thing in the entire world for me. Maybe if I weren't so stubborn Maybe if I learned to expect expectationless expectations, I would be able to digest a lot more. By setting expectationless expectations, you still have the satisfaction of setting expectations without the required follow through. Perhaps this will work with someone like me who struggles with follow through to begin with (see the previous post for more details). Can this work? Can this be the breakthrough that I  need?

Stay tuned to find out. If expecting expectationless expectations works for me, I will be sure to blog all about it. I'll be too excited not to.

~ Love & Light ~


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