Monday, October 31, 2011


So... I had a very interesting conversation today... the second conversation in as many weeks when I know that the person I was talking to was TRULY understanding me. Yes, I talk in circles. Yes, I justify answers with 'I just know it'...and I realize that just because I 'know' something, doesn't make it credible...but there is something so spectacular when you truly speak to someone, and you speak right into their heart. And even if that person is far removed from the things you stand on, they still hear you as though you were built from the same foundation.

The topic of 'worth' has been on fire in my heart lately. It is a word that holds so much boldness and hope, yet so much fragility at the same time. When people think about how much they are worth, they normally equate it to finances, right? And while if you are calculating your net-worth this is true, BUT you can be penniless and have more worth than the most filthy rich person in the whole world.

Worth applies in the working world. Worth applies at home. Worth applies among friendships. Worth applies among enemies. So many things, in so many places, worth is the underlying cause of hope, forgiveness, loathing, or hatred. If this is so - if worth is a double edged sword - how much POWER does this word have. It is mighty and it is empowering.

When I say "This relationship is worthless" it means there is no hope. When I say "I am worth far more than rubies" it means there is SO much hope. When I say "Doing that is not worth it" it means I will gain nothing. When I say "You are worth it" it means I believe in you...

The power of this word should never be underestimated. To me, the word 'worth' stands in the same category of other words I covet - such as bold, might, mighty, and hope. These words are as though there are lightning bolts attached to them...and they will either cause a spark or a roaring fire. Lately, for me, it has done the latter.

Love & Light

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