Sunday, July 17, 2011

I believe...

I was thinking today (and contrary to popular belief, I did not hurt myself...) and I was considering what I truly believe. What are the things I believe IN. What are the things I believe FOR. What do I believe? Since it's been awhile, I figured I'd share them with you.

1. I believe in God the father, His son Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. I believe that God calls us all and it is up to us to listen. I believe that He died on a cross as the ultimate sacrifice so that I could have a clean slate. I believe He bestows us with gifts, grace and mercy so we can continue to exhalt His holy name. I believe that ALL glory goes to the Father.

2. I believe in the power of friendship; in the power of standing for friends who can't stand themselves. I believe in loving friends like family and treating them that way. I believe in the unspoken words that are heard loud and clear between friends; and I believe in the expressionless exchange of emotions that happens when friends are intertwined at the heart.

3. I believe in the mightiness of prayer; in standing in the gap between those who cannot pray and those who are praying. I believe in storming the gates of heaven with both needs and praise; and rejoicing in both the silence and the answers that come.

4. I believe in the healing power of a good meal eaten in good company; in the conversation and exchange of ideas that naturally happens - where it seems that no dream is too big and no comment is too small. Food + Good Company + Life Changing Discussion = Satisfaction.

5. I believe the ground is level ONLY at the foot of the cross. It is the one place where you can lay your burdens and know that they will not ever roll back to you. I believe the only way you can get burdens back is if you TAKE them back.

I believe SO much more than I've written here. I believe that those who know me well enough have heard the words of my heart that did not make it on this page. They have shared the healing power of a good meal. They have spent time with  me as I laid things at the cross. They have prayed with me and for me to the God we believe in. They have called me friend, and I, them.

The  most rewarding part of these thoughts today is not this blog post (HAHAHAHAA!), but rather, the fact that my blessings in life were abundantly clear. I encourage all of you to ask yourself "what do I believe?" and write it down. Share it with me here, put it in your journal, email a friend - but writing it down helps you see it differently. You'll probably be amazed at what you find.

~Love & Light~

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